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We aim to build homes that not just look but also feel beautiful

What Makes Us Different?

We were founded on a simple idea: To help people love how they live in special moments by crafting durable furniture that is lovingly made and built to last. At Mod WeBe, our in-house designers stay on top of what’s happening in the industry and bring you the best furniture and home décor.

We understand that individuals express style in different ways and work towards crafting unique décor that will blend into your spaces effortlessly. Our complete furniture customisation service allows us to keep your preference and selection our topmost priority.

We adhere to standards for quality while always keeping a close eye on cost efficiency; a combination that has always served our clients extremely well. We challenge ourselves and take great pride in curating products that will in some way motivate you and help you enjoy the contrasts of life.

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Bringing to life the idea of a perfect, warm home by recreating unique and stunning décor at value-oriented prices. We believe we can create and deliver what personifies you best.



A preeminent idea is that art is where its origin lies. We believe in peaceful coexistence between nature and humans by utilizing repurposed wood for the making of sustainable furniture.

What makes us unique?

At Mod WeBe, our goal is to help home decorators, and enthusiasts discover sustainable home décor ideas that reduce the negative impact that we have on our environment and improve the health of our planet while providing unique and individual pieces that are handcrafted and stylish.

Aesthetic Décor

Offering great modern style that offers utility, our custom-made décor brings out the aesthetics of homes, and brings character to spaces that make them functional with a modern look and a luxurious feel.  Each piece is unique, hand crafted, and lovingly created with wood that is characterized by a rich color and grain pattern that is often repurposed or reclaimed, contributing to our goal of ecological décor that doesn’t harm the earth. 

Sustainable Décor

If you are looking for custom furnishings we offer many different types of wood, however, we consider it our ethical and social responsibility to use reclaimed or repurposed wood when we manufacture our products.  Reclaimed wood is a great way to bring character into your spaces and homes while remaining nature friendly.  Reclaimed wood is also an amazing choice if you are in search for a more rustic furniture design.

Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance team sets clear standards with regard to technical quality and implements strict quality standards that are constantly checked.  We make sure that only the highest quality furniture is delivered to you.  We control all parts of the production process and also carefully check each product before shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our design experts are always available to offer décor and design advice.  If you need help with specifics, or perhaps you just need someone to understand a unique space that you are working with, then let us know and we will provide a free consultation to help you get exactly what you are wanting out of your space.  We also specialize in eco-friendly homes and small spaces, providing utility and function out of beautiful pieces of furniture.

Value for Money

Not only is our goal to help you discover sustainable home décor and furniture, but we go out of our way to design concepts that appeal to everyone.  Creating pieces that look gorgeous, and have reasonable pricing, without compromising on quality.  Since our furniture and décor are all hand crafted and created with real wood, you can ensure that it will also last for generations, with very little wear an tear.

Handpicked Wood

We take pride in all the designs that we make and only partner with the best importers to ensure that the wood we use is of the highest quality.  Our experts handpick all the boards of wood that go into making each piece of furniture.  This handpicked, high-grade wood dictates the final appearance of a product and helps us minimize the amount of waste.

Our Team

We’re led by a team that constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn


Leader is a word that does not fully encapsulate what Malita means to the Mod WeBe family. She is the anchor to our ship that grounds us, promising new and exciting opportunities. She leads not only with her brain but with all of her heart. Her ambitious drive, vision and go-getter attitude coupled with her passion, make Malita a formidable mover and shaker in her field. She loves everything that gives her an adrenaline rush be it – running, cycling, trekking, exploring less travelled paths and of course, décor!


Joseph heads production for Mod WeBe. His impeccable choice for quality and eye for precision make him an ideal fit to head production. He is a multi-talented personality with a knack to form long-lasting connections with people. He is dedicated and ensures that the wheels are running smoothly. He is the perfect example of “Work hard- have fun- make a difference”. He is an inspiration for the sheer display of consistent dedication, hard work and a never-say-die attitude.


Known to tickle the funny bone of everyone around, meet Siddharth. His passion for speed and bikes reflects in his quirky thinking. The ingenuity and originality of his work mixed with his nonchalance, take it easy vibe makes him one of the coolest members of Mod WeBe. He brings the new-gen culture with loads of creative skills and interesting ideas.

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